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HANDS IN! One Team One Mission

September 10th, 2017

This “Registration” is where you sign up to reenlist for the new LIFEgroup year. New year starts as of September 10, 2017.

Back to School Bash 2017

September 13th, 2017

Senior retreat event

2017 High School Senior Retreat

September 15th - September 17th, 2017


We will have fun exploring DC with a purpose! Friday-Sunday. Visit many major landmarks including a Monuments tour at Midnight! We will walk a LOT, laugh a LOT, be challenged, eat fun food, and make GREAT memories during this vision trip! $100 includes rooming, transportation, breakfast Saturday & Sunday, and any entry fees. Bring money for 4 meals (2 travel meals, 2 on Saturday $8-10/meal), a few snacks/drinks, and souvenirs (if you want them)! $40-60 Spending money should be plenty.
Dress comfortably (and non-revealing). Prepare like you’re going on an urban hiking trip! No bears but the taxi drivers might get ya! They’re territorial! ***We are trying to organize a special WHITE HOUSE TOUR- we need your name (registration) ASAP as the White House has strict guidelines. Registering after their deadline (30 days) will mean missing the White House BUT still enjoying a TREMENDOUS time! You can’t lose! Register NOW!